Published on: 22/03/2022

Meet the Estate Agent

Meet the Estate Agent...

Glenn Henley, licensed estate agent has worked in property for many years. Here he gives us his insights and advice for those thinking of selling their property.

What is your top tip for anyone considering selling their property?

The market is incredibly buoyant at the moment and we’re consistently achieving results well over the guide price for our vendors. So my top tip for someone who is considering selling is to get things moving towards listing for sale in order to take advantage of the present demand. People have spent many months in various lockdowns saving money towards buying a property and we’re now seeing those same people out and about at viewings. I also think that people do need to consider the fee they are paying to sell their property. We charge a fixed fee of €1799+VAT - a reasonable fee that covers everything you need in order to successfully sell your house or apartment.

Robert Gardiner

I think that some people don’t factor in the cost of the high-fee, commission based estate agents because it’s presented as a percentage of the sales price. Our model is very clear, you can sell your property no matter what price it achieves for €1699+VAT.

What do you like about working in property?

Property is an interesting market to be in because you get to see so many aspects of the transaction. You meet people who are on the journey to buying their first home; you meet seasoned investors and second time buyers and of course, I meet my clients, the vendors who come from all walks of life. It’s a big moment in someone’s life and the result can of course impact their onward journey so they need to trust me as their estate agent to do a good job. I love the transparency and simplicity of the Auctioneera fixed-fee model; we’re passing substantial savings onto sellers while simultaneously delivering a top class customer service experience.

What do you think hinders a smooth sale?

Sometimes vendors have a tendency to overthink the guide price set at the outset. It’s important to look at the guide price as a starting point in order to invite people to view the property. Once they see the property, you have their interest and the bidding tends to kick on from there. Another thing that can slow the progression of a sale is sellers not having their documents in place in a timely manner. If you’re certain that you’re bringing your property to market, you should request the deeds and choose your solicitor at the same time as you book a free valuation. Of course, we can assist with a conveyancing solicitor as we have many at great prices and with fantastic reviews all on our Auctioneera Marketplace.

Robert Gardiner

Do you have tips about how to stage a property for photographs and also for viewings?

There is no necessity to spend a lot of money preparing a property for sale. A substantial deep clean and widespread declutter can do wonders for a property. If it’s a house or apartment that was previously tenanted, it might benefit from a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout. Painting a property like this in a neutral colour gives a cohesive look and provides a blank canvas for potential purchasers. I always like to walk through a property and then provide a seller with my bespoke advice for what they need to do to make it ready for listing but the main advice is: declutter, declutter, declutter!

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