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How to Pick an Estate Agent in Dublin

How to Pick the Best Estate Agent / Auctioneer in Dublin?

First things first: what is the difference between an estate agency and an auctioneer. There isn’t any is the short answer and these two terms are pretty much used synonymously. So someone searching for an “estate agent in Dublin” or an “auctioneer in Dublin” are in reality looking for the same thing.

Selling a property is a major decision with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Euro at stake. Picking the best estate agency / auctioneer in Dublin to handle the process for you is a crucial decision. So what are the things to look for when choosing an estate agency to sell your Dublin property.

Are they PSRA Regulated?

In order to sell property professionally in the Republic of Ireland, you must hold a current license with the PSRA. The agency itself as well as the estate agents who work in the agency must be licensed. Be sure to make sure that the agency you are considering engaging is licensed by the PSRA.


Do they Show You the Research they Did to Value Your Property?

Setting the guide price is one of the key roles of the estate agent / auctioneer. Make sure to ask your auctioneer to show you the written research that they did when establishing their estimated value of your property. It is too big a decision for an agent to just show up to the property and wing it – professional estate agents should present their clients with the written research which should show the recent comparable sales prices and asking prices in the area. If this report is done diligently, all agents should come to a very similar advised market value (AMV). Ultimately the market values the property but insist on seeing the written research to ensure that your estate agent is professional and has done his/her homework.

Do they Use Professional Photographers?

The days of “taking a few snaps on a phone” should be long gone. Any reputable estate agent / auctioneer will insist on using professional property photographers to make your property look its absolute best. Your job is to make the property look as good as possible for the photo-shoot; see this guide for some top tips:

How Much Do They Charge in Fees?

Paying a percentage of the final selling price of the property will result in a bill of several thousand Euro. Look for an estate agency that charges a reasonable fixed fee. There is no point achieving a good price for your property if your estate agent pockets that extra cash.

Do they Answer the Phone / Return Emails Promptly?

Consider inquiring via email, Daft or MyHome about a property that the agency has for sale currently. Do you get a prompt reply? If not, this is a red flag as if they aren’t returning emails / phone calls promptly about this property, then your property will likely receive the same treatment.

What is their Reputation?

A simple Google search of the estate agency’s name followed by “reviews” should bring up some relevant results. Do they have many properties for sale; an agency with only a handful of properties for sale wouldn’t inspire confidence as good estate agencies are in demand and tend to have a lot of properties for sale at any given time.

Do they Advertise on Daft & MyHome?

Incredibly some auctioneers in Dublin will advertise on Daft or MyHome but not both. That is a massive red flag – some buyers use Daft and some use MyHome; you need your property on both. That is a deal breaker.

Do they Accept Offers Online?

Those interested in buying your property will be busy people – if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to afford to buy it! During the week, they are at work so check if your estate agency has the facility to accept offers online. At Auctioneera, most of the offers on our properties are received at evenings and weekends when buyers have the time to sit down and think things through. Find an estate agent that does business 24/7 not just 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Do they Host Viewings at Evenings & Weekends?

You want an estate agency that shows your property to all interested parties to make sure that you get the maximum interest. Be sure to check if your estate agency will host viewings at evenings and weekends, when buyers are available.

At Auctioneera, we think we’re the very best estate agency / auctioneer in Dublin and we would be delighted to have one of our experienced, PSRA licensed estate agents meet you at your property to present our market research and discuss the advised market value on a free, no obligation basis. To arrange your free onsite valuation, simply click on the “book a free valuation” banner at the top of the page and we will call you right back to arrange the appointment.

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