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Updated 17th May 2021

In person viewings and property valuations are proceeding as normal in line with government guidelines. If you are considering selling a property or would like to view one that we are selling, please contact us.


Updated 30th April 2021

In line with the latest government guidance, we will recommence in-person viewings of all of our properties from May 10th onward. Should you wish to view a property, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange. Over the last 18 months there has been a massive build up of demand that we need the supply to meet. If you are considering selling a property, we would love to hear from you.
As Covid-19 finally starts to move into the rear view mirror, we want to extend a sincere thanks to all stakeholders who have allowed the market to function so well over the past 18 months. The resilience, adaptability & can-do attitude of our vendors, buyers, team & suppliers has been nothing short of incredible. As society opens back up to normal, we look forward to serving the market with the lowest selling fees, best technology and service in the industry.

Updated 22nd February 2021

With Level 5 restrictions dragging on seemingly without end, waiting until things get back to normal to buy or sell is no longer a realistic strategy. At Auctioneera, we are making use of the latest technology such as online bidding, video walkthroughs, online proof of funds submission and much more to remain fully operational throughout Level 5. With so much demand and so little supply on the market at present, those who do come to market are enjoying feverish bidding on their properties. So if you are thinking of selling, we want to speak to you as we need stock to meet unprecedented demand, built up during over a year of on-off lockdowns.
If you wish to make an offer on one of our properties, please follow the steps below:

The show must go on and we are determined to ensure it does! Whether you are buying or selling a property, we want to speak to you.

Updated 1 February 2021

We have never seen a property market like the one at present. The lockdowns of 2020 and early 2021 have facilitated property buyers to build up a level of savings never before seen in the Irish market. Being cooped up at home for the best part of a year has focused minds and given people the time to get mortgage approvals in place. This is evidenced by the record levels of mortgage approved buyers currently in the market looking to buy. Against this backdrop, supply has collapsed owing to closed building sites and property vendors holding off to list their properties for sale until normality is restored. In short, we have a wall of demand chasing a massively depleted stock of supply. If you are thinking of selling, don’t delay; valuations are proceeding as normal and we need vendors to meet the demand.

Updated 2nd January 2021

Auctioneera remains fully operational during Level 5 Restrictions. Property services are classified as essential, so valuations are proceeding with all necessary safety measures being followed.

Updated 28th November - Moving Back to Level 3 from Level 5

The government has announced that Ireland will move to Level 3 from Level 5 as of the 1st of December. Thanks to the herculean efforts of our team and the public, both buyers and sellers, Auctioneera succeeded in operating safely and productively throughout Level 5. We now look forward to removing some of the restrictions that did apply during Level 5 but will not apply during Level 3. The main difference is that we will no longer be required to have had sight of proof of funds from an interested party in order to arrange a viewing of a property. We received a lot of pushback from buyers during Level 5, who were not happy with being asked to show proof of funds to merely arrange a viewing. Alas, that is is the regulation as it applies during Level 5 and we adhered to it. We were informed many times that other estate agents were not adhering to this but that wasn't our concern. Frankly we are glad to see the back of this requirement owing to the friction it created in arranging viewings. During Level 3, Auctioneera is very much open for business so if you are considering selling your property or are interested in buying one that we are selling, be sure to get in touch and we will be delighted to hear from you. We are operating safely and adhering to all responsible safety protocols. We are expecting a surge of buyers and sellers to come to the market over the coming weeks and into the new year as would-be vendors pull the trigger and come to market after weeks of lockdown and buyers look to finally get a property purchased after being cooped up for the past number of weeks. So a thank you to everyone with whom we dealt during Level 5 and we look forward to a very busy and productive few weeks ahead and into the new year!

The content below related to Level 5 - it is no longer relevant from December 1st as we move back to Level 3.

Property Valuations, Surveys & Viewings During Level 5 Covid-19 Restrictions

There has been much confusion of late as to whether auctioneers / estate agents are open for business during Level 5 restrictions. Many people are wondering can you put a property for sale during level 5 and buyers are wondering can you attend a property viewing. The PSRA (Property Services Regulatory Authority) has issued guidance for how property services professionals should conduct their operations safely during Level 5 restrictions. The publication can be viewed here.

IPAV CEO Pat Davitt, summarises the new regime in the following video.

Auctioneers / Estate Agents Are Open for Business During Covid-19 Level 5 Restrictions. Viewings, Valuations & Surveys are All Proceeding

To Summarise

Property Valuations
Property valuations by agents can continue. Agents are travelling for work and as such the 5km restrictions do not apply. If you are considering selling your property and would like to arrange a free valuation, please call us or email Agents will of course be wearing face coverings, sanitise their hands regularly and respect physical distancing.

Viewings can proceed if the following criteria are met.

How to Book a Viewing of an Auctioneera Property

Please send an email to to include:
  • The Property that you wish to view
  • A Contact Telephone Number
  • Your proof of funds documentation - for more on proof of funds, see this article .
  • One we have verified your proof of funds documentation, we will call you to arrange the viewing.


    How is the Property Market Reacting to Covid-19

    While many predicted falling house prices and a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a property, the reality is that prices have remained firm throughout the pandemic. Those who are working from home have not been able to spend their money and are building war chests that are being used to fund deposits. Being stuck at home has expedited latent plans to buy a property as people realise they need more space particularly with the prospect of working from home in the medium term. So the market is continuing with property service professionals taking all the necessary precautions to ensure it is safe for all; the show must go on!

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