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*Savings calculated by multiplying Property Price by 1.5% + VAT and adding €300 + VAT to establish estimated auctioneer's fees and then subtracting's fee of €1599 + VAT


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  • Total Value of Sales Agreed / Property Sold: 138,531,800
Auctioneer Fees Saved by Our Clients: 1,915,206

Savings calculated by multiplying total sales value by industry standard fee of 1.5% + VAT and adding €300 + VAT followed by subtracting Auctioneera's fixed fee of €1599 + VAT

We are a fixed price, fully regulated auctioneer that provides our clients with a full estate agency service for a fraction of the price of our competition. If you are considering selling your property, be sure to give us a call to arrange a free, no obligation valuation. Our qualified estate agent will meet you at your property and present our market research to you. Together, we will reach a consensus as to your property’s likely value on the open market. Remember that it is not an auctioneer that ultimately values your property; it is valued by what the highest bidder is willing to pay.

Once we have agreed a realistic asking price, we do everything you would expect from taking high quality professional photography and 2D floor plans, listing the property for sale on Daft & MyHome, installing an eye-catching for sale sign, conducting the viewings, negotiating with interested buyers and providing you with access to your agent at the end of the phone whenever suits you. We provide a top quality service guaranteed to get you the best price and save you literally thousands of Euro. Don’t engage another auctioneer without speaking to us first!

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