Fair Deal Valuations

Are you considering an application to the Fair Deal Scheme or perhaps you have already applied and have decided to sell your property? Our team of estate agents can provide you with the valuation you need for the Fair Deal Scheme as well as a full estate agency service if you have decided to sell.

Fair Deal Calculator

Applicants to the Fair Deal Scheme undergo a financial assessment to determine how much they must contribute to the cost of their care. The greater the income and assets, the greater the contribution. The three year cap affords special status to principal residences, farms and businesses. If sold, the net proceeds are counted for a period of three years, after which they are excluded from the calculation. The below Fair Deal Scheme Calculator should give you a good indication as to how much you are likely to have to contribute to the cost of your care.

Important: this is for guidance purposes only and expert advice should be sought in relation to your specific circumstances.

Income  per week 
Per week
Pensions - this includes state pensions, private pensions and pensions from abroad
Social welfare benefits and allowances
Rental income from properties which are not your main home
Income from holding an office or directorship
Income from fees, commissions, dividends or interest
Income you gave away in the 5 years before your application
Total Income: €
Renting principal residence  per week
Per week
Rental income
Deductions  per week
Per week
Income tax, PAYE, Universal Social Charge and PRSI
Health expenses (GP visits, prescription charges, medicines and medical expenses after tax refund)
Maintenance payments to other people
Interest on loans on your home
Levies required by law to pay such as property tax
Dependent children in full-time education
Qualifying redress schemes
Loans for buying, repairing or improving an asset
Rent paid by your partner (if they are living in a rented house)
Total Deductions: €
Assessable Income (income minus deductions)

Cash assets  value
Savings and deposits including those with banks, credit unions or post offices
Stocks, shares, bonds and securities
Social welfare benefits and allowances
Approved retirement funds (value of fund at date of application)
Money loaned by you to another person
Cash assets transferred to another person
Total Cash Assets: €
Non cash assets  value
Your home, if you own or part-own it (or net cash proceeds of selling the home)
Any property you own other than your home
Any land you own, excluding farms
Overseas land and property
Transferred property
Total Non Cash Assets: €
Total Assets: €
Total Assets excluding family home,
farms &/or businesses

Payment  per week
Per week
Year 1-3
80% of assessable income €
40% of rental income from principal residence €
7.5% of (assets less €36,000) €
Total Payment: €
Year 4 Onwards (Family home, farms and businesses are not assessable from year 4 onwards)
80% of assessable income €
40% of rental income from principal residence €
7.5% of (assets less €36,000) €
Total Payment: €
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