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How Do I Know Which Estate Agent to Use?

Making the decision to sell your house or apartment is a substantial move and of course, when choosing to sell, you want to engage an auctioneer / estate agent that you can trust. In terms of selecting the right one to go with it’s important to do your research. Ultimately, the market will indicate what your property is worth but it is still important that you engage an auctioneer in Cork that you’re fully happy with for the sales process. Firstly, you will want to know what fee the various estate agents charge for listing and selling a property. Many auctioneers in Cork charge a percentage of the ultimate sales price, also known as a commission. This percentage varies between estate agents in Cork but it can be anything between 1 - 2% of the sales price achieved with marketing fees (also known as “outlays”) of approximately €300 - €500 added on top. At Auctioneera, we don’t charge a percentage or commission when we list and sell your house or apartment; we charge a fixed fee of €1995+VAT @ 23% to sell any property.

Auctioneera Full Estate Agency Service

€1995 + VATNo Sale, No Fee

What’s Included?

  • Free Onsite Valuation
  • Property Advertised on

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  • Professional High Resolution Photography
  • For Sale Sign
  • Floor Plans
  • Hosting of All Viewings
  • Negotiation to Ensure Best Price
  • Dedicated, Expert Estate Agent Managing the Process Throughout

Who is the Best Auctioneer in Cork?

With hundreds of five star Google Reviews to our name, it would seem that Auctioneera warrants the title of “best auctioneer” in Cork. Reviews are fundamental to getting an insight into the level of service provided by auctioneers in Cork.

Auctioneera Cork Google Reviews
Auctioneera Cork Google Reviews

Just a Sample of Some Auctioneera Cork Google Reviews

The best auctioneers in Cork also place huge emphasis on their customer support and availability. When deciding on what auctioneer in Cork to engage, you’d also need to consider if they facilitate evening and weekend viewings in order to maximise the visibility of your property to the available market. Furthermore, check out their property listing images; the quality of these can vary so be sure to ask an estate agent who takes their property listing photographs. The best auctioneers in Cork should ideally have an in-house professional photographer. Gone are the days where you should be satisfied with an estate agent taking photos of your property using their mobile phone!


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Do All Estate Agents Charge the Same?

Estate agents in Cork vary in terms of their fee structure. Many Cork auctioneers continue to charge high-fee commissions of anything up to 2% of the value of the sales price that your property achieves on the market. On top of this, you would likely be asked to pay marketing fees (also referred to as “outlays”) of around €500. Those marketing fees relate to photography and related marketing costs that the auctioneer will encounter during the sales process. Auctioneera instead charge a fixed fee to sell a property and so this is set at €1995 plus VAT at 23%. This covers a full estate agency service.

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Do Estate Agents Negotiate on Fees?

Sometimes, it’s possible to negotiate with auctioneers in Cork in terms of their fees but it’s unlikely that you will get any auctioneer to go below 1% commission plus their marketing fee costs. With Auctioneera, we charge a fixed fee of €1995 plus VAT at 23% to sell your property with a full estate agency service. It’s vitally important that if you’re meeting a number of estate agents and discussing their fees that you actually work out what that percentage could end up costing you at the end of the process. So for example, if you feel that after completing your research on, and on the Property Price Register that your property is worth in the region of €400,000 and you’re discussing fees with a commission-based estate agent in Cork who is proposing 2%; the fees in that instance would be around €8000. With Auctioneera, the fee is €1995 + VAT with no extras.

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