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Preparing Your Property to be Photographed

It is difficult to overstate the importance of great photos in the process of selling your property. These photos will be uploaded at Daft, MyHome, & At Auctioneera, we understand the critical role of photography and so all of our photographers are property photography experts. From the vendor's perspective however, there are quite a number of things that you can do to ensure your photos looks as impressive as possible.

Clean, Tidy & Declutter

It seems like common sense but it really is important to have your property as close to show-house condition as possible for the day that your photographs are being taken. If you don't have time to thoroughly clean & tidy your property yourself, paying a cleaning company to come for a few hours is definitely worth the investment. Gather up all clutter such as gear bags, coats, dressing gowns etc and hide from view for the duration of the photo shoot. You are looking to have the property as clean, de-cluttered and tidy as possible.


Fresh flowers brighten up any property and always look great in photographs so again are a worthwhile investment. When they are in season, Eucalyptus plants are a great option to place in your rooms as not only do they look great but they can last easily for 3-4 weeks in water.

Bed Sheets

All too often, properties are listed for sale with photos showing unmade / untidy beds that really don't look well. Going to the trouble of having new, fresh bed clothes that have been carefully ironed will give the bedrooms that elegant hotel look.


If it's not winter time, having freshly cut grass can give the impression of a well cared for property. If you have garden furniture, ensure it is clean, tidy & ready to be photographed.

Minor Repairs

Most properties will always have a couple of small outstanding repairs that the owner just hasn’t got around to fixing. An upcoming photo shoot is the ideal incentive to finally get these small jobs tended to. Even small things like attending to light bulbs that might be blown throughout the house (including in lamps) will make a difference as it’s always a good idea to have lights turned on during a photo shoot…especially for those gloomy Irish days!

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