Published on: 24/11/2021

Popular Property Viewing Questions

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Popular Property Viewing Questions

Buying a property is a really big life moment and of course with that comes many stresses. It also requires time dedicated to viewing lots of properties in order to rule them in... and rule them out. Aside from being time consuming, it can of course also be a little overwhelming attending lots of viewings and remembering to note and take in the important details.

Here at Auctioneera, with new properties listed around Dublin, Meath, Wicklow, Kildare, Cork and Galway every single day, we have hosted literally thousands of viewings so we have seen lots of variety in terms of viewing attendees’ questions! Knowing the “right” questions to ask can be helpful for prospective buyers but really, there are no right or wrong questions to ask - only you will know the information that is important to you as part of your buying journey!

Here are the most common questions we currently find that people ask at viewings in order of popularity:

Asking the question related to the property’s neighbours might initially seem like an unusual one but it’s our most commonly asked question at viewings. People like to know who (or what!) they will be living beside and asking this question will provide the attendee with concrete information if (a) it’s a common area for renters (b) it’s a mature residential area or (c) a mixture of both.

Knowing the year of construction of the property is a clear-cut question and one that we have the answer to hand at all of our viewings for every Auctioneera property. Similarly asking the BER of a property is always a common query as it gives potential purchasers an idea of possible running costs (or potential energy-efficiency upgrade costs).

Asking for the reason that the owners are selling is a common question especially at those properties that are immaculately presented with lots of special features and/or in a great location; this results in viewing attendees pondering why someone would want to sell! Oftentimes in those instances it can be due to a changing work location for the vendor or maybe they’re choosing to downsize later in life … the reasons are many but again it’s information we have at Auctioneera viewings and we’re happy to answer.

Properties with south-facing gardens generally garner a lot of interest and sometimes the aspect is literally top of prospective buyers (usually second time buyers) agendas so again a very popular and understandable question at viewings.

Questions We Recommend to Ask at Viewings to Get the Most from Your Viewing Attendance

Our own website has lots of info’ that is not on Daft or MyHome about our individual properties so be sure and check the listing you’re interested in on the Auctioneera website before or during the viewing. We even have an inventory relating to the list of appliances included in the sale.

Watch this Video to Learn How to Get More Info’ From One of Our Listings

The below questions are ones we can answer for you at a viewing or if you get in touch with us via live chat, by phone or by email [ ], we’d be happy to answer even in advance of a viewing:

  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • Why is the vendor selling the property?
  • What aspect is the garden or the balcony?
  • What is the year of construction?

There are some questions that crop up at viewings that you can verify for yourself at any stage, for example “are there any proposed developments in the area”. This can be easily checked by going to the website and entering the address or the Eircode of where you’re interested in.

View Data on All Planning Applications in a Particular Area of Ireland

Another thing that some viewing attendees ask or consider is whether there are structural issues with the property. Of course it is important to be diligent when purchasing a property so we recommend getting a property engineer or surveyor out once you go sale agreed in order to prepare a report. With private treaty sales, all offers can be withdrawn up until contracts are signed so you’re very safe in this approach.

We’re delighted to host viewings of our properties so get in touch to arrange one via our website live chat (probably the quickest way!), via email: or via phone (see our contact us page for details). Or check out the listing of the property you’re interested and if there is a viewing already in place, you can register for it!

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